Diet & Nutrition

If you are having problems with your weight, energy levels, trouble sleeping, or suffering from stress. If you want to feel fitter, healthier, get pregnant or tackle menopausal symptoms Jackie may be able to help by doing an analysis of your current diet and advising on changes that would be beneficial to you in achieving your goals.
Before the initial consultation you will be asked to complete a food and drink diary for a week prior to the first appointment to see what you are currently consuming. This diary together with a health record and lifestyle outline will be used as the basis for recommendations on changes to your diet and routine which will be tailored to your individual situation. By taking an overview usually only small alternations are required to bring about the desired results enabling you to take control of your life.
The first session is between 1 – 1 1/2 hours and will involve discussing how suggested changes to your diet and routine can be achieved and accommodated into your lifestyle, together with a realistic time scale for attaining your required outcomes. You will be given a typed copy of everything discussed. A follow up appointment can be made, if required, should you need any further help or clarification. Of course you can always contact Jackie by telephone or email with any queries you may have and of course do keep in touch with details of your successful outcomes.
Cost for consultation is £50 including follow up appointment if required.
Convenient for Wheathampstead, Welwyn Garden City, St Albans, Redbourn, Kimpton, Slip End, Codicote, Lemsford and Luton